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Pearl Seigel MBA

Pearl Seigel, author 7 Tried and Tested Triangles

I’m Pearl Seigel MBA, and I’m the author of 7 Tried and Tested Triangles.

I’m also a ghostwriter, and storyteller, but before I write your story … let me tell you a bit about my story.
My life hasn’t always been easy; in fact, I’ve faced many challenges. I have learned how to channel the negativity into growth and to achieve positive output.
Combinations of my life’s situations and circumstances have caused the following outcomes:

  • An unrelenting tenacity, strength, and courage
  • An ability to embrace change and adapt quickly
  • Positivity, even in the most adverse of times – some view this as stupidity
  • A sense of humour that knows no bounds
  • Creativity and the ability to channel this into innovation
  • Curiosity and the ability to channel this into continuous learning
  • A belief that the one thing that no person and no situation can take away from you is your education, training and practical skills

Everyone’s life is different and as a ghost writer, I’ve written many peoples stories.

I would be honoured to write yours.

What is your story? Does it need to be told?

Is your story about:

  • Your life right now, to preserved and cherished by future generations?
  • The lives of your family, of past generations that needs to be documented for eternity?
  • Your somewhat unusual life?
  • Sharing your skills and competencies?
  • Your business, entrepreneurship etc.

Let me tell your story!

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