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This doesn’t happen often! Luck is Essential – a Memorable Memoir |

One of my Ghostwriting client’s, Phil Savinson has kindly named me as the Ghostwriter of his book – Luck is Essential. I’m sharing my words on the back cover of his book:Phil Savinson is ninety-five years of age, hale and hearty and an adventurous global jet setter. This proud father and grandfather is about to embark on yet another special journey – the destination is Philadelphia and Andrew; Brenda and Umar will be waiting for him with open arms. Phil and […]

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Ghostwriter must-haves |

Ghostwriter must-haves . Ghostwriters, must be experienced as a professional ghostwriter can make or break your book, business writing, website and social media content. With technology growing in leaps and bounds and the Fourth Industrial Revolution taking over the global village (previously known as the world) content, paid advertising leading  the way to organic reach, selecting the best ghostwriter for your needs can be narrowed down to the following ghostwriter must-haves: Absolutely necessary: Attention to detail Excellent communication skills Knowledgeable […]

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