This doesn’t happen often! Luck is Essential – a Memorable Memoir

One of my Ghostwriting client’s, Phil Savinson has kindly named me as the Ghostwriter of his book – Luck is Essential.

I’m sharing my words on the back cover of his book:

Phil Savinson is ninety-five years of age, hale and hearty and an adventurous global jet setter. This proud father and grandfather is about to embark on yet another special journey – the destination is Philadelphia and Andrew; Brenda and Umar will be waiting for him with open arms.

Phil and Anita were married for seventy-two wonderful years and those years encompassed successful career paths and a love of adventurous travel destinations. Anita passed away thirteen years after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and Phil dedicates this book to her.

You may be partially correct in thinking this is yet another family saga, but in fact, it is so much more. This is an epic tale that finds its history in 1939 during World War 2 and shows how the ever-present “Lady Luck” spun a golden thread weaving and merging luck throughout Phil’s life.

Everyone’s life is different and as a ghostwriter, I’ve written many peoples stories. I would be honoured to write yours.

What is your story? Does it need to be told?

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